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In Peru, it is quite common for some manufacturers to buy certified coffee much cheaper than the price of the market because they then lower the bill by purchasing a larger volume of non-certified coffee. Difficult for producers to enhance their production and certification.

It is in this context that we obviously chose to source this coffee directly from Coopagro, which allows us to fairly compensate producers. We buy this coffee at a fixed price, taking into account the cost of producing coffee. No stock market, no speculation. Simple, direct, traceable and sustainable. This coffee is for us a way to change, if only a little, the practices of the industry in order to embody, through our actions, the change that we want for the specialty coffee sector.
This coffee is a certified organic blend, it is produced from the coffees of six small farms, called “cafetales”. The coffees are produced from the catimor, caturra, typica and pache varieties, a mutation of Typica. Its name pays homage to the majestic Andean Condor.

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